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Dr. C. Mendez, MD - CEO

Dr. C. Mendez, age 56, is the Chief Executive Officer of Mountain View Health Care. In this role, Dr. Mendez is responsible for the hospital system’s business and financial performance. Dr. Mendez chairs Mountain View Health Care’s Senior Leadership Team. From 2005 until December of 2020, Dr. Mendez was Chief Executive Officer of Hospital IMED Levante, a private for-profit facility in Benidorm, Spain. Dr. Mendez came to Mountain View in January of last year. Dr. Mendez was recruited by the Board of Directors to bring his/her experience with private hospitals to Mountain View Health Care. Dr. Mendez graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the Universitat of Barcelona, and then graduated from medical school at the University of Navarra. Dr. Mendez is a practicing Gastroenterologist.


Dr. K. Khan, MD – Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Khan has responsibility for the staff of medical professionals across all of Mountain View’s hospitals and other facilities. Dr. Khan joined Mountain View Buda Hospital in the Cardiology Department after completing the Residency and Internship programs there in 1991. Dr. Khan became the Chief of Cardiology at Oakville Hospital in 2001 and became the Chief of Medicine at that hospital in 2007. Dr. Khan was promoted to Chief of Medicine for all of Mountain View in 2015. Dr. Khan a graduate of the University of Würzburg and the University of Magdeburg. Dr. Khan completed a fellowship at the Johns-Hopkins Medical Center in the United States.

W. Lindauer - Chief Operating Officer

In this role, Lindauer has ultimate responsibility for all of Mountain View Health Care's operations and facilities. W. Lindauer joined Charity Hospital in Cape in 1998 in the Finance organization and remained with Mountain View Health care when Charity was acquired by Mountain View in 2004. W. Lindauer has held a variety of management positions for Mountain View in several of the system’s hospitals, including Controller and Vice President of Supply Chain. Prior to joining Charity Hospital, W. Lindauer spent five years in public accounting in Cape working with healthcare clients, including Charity Hospital. W. Lindauer has a degree in Accounting from the University of Düsseldorf and is a Certified Public Accountant.

N. Ferguson - Chief Financial Officer

N. Ferguson is the Chief Financial Officer for Mountain View Health Care and a member of Mountain View’s Senior Leadership Team. N. Ferguson has been Mountain View’s CFO since 2010. Prior to assuming this position, N. Ferguson worked in a number of Finance and Accounting positions with Mountain View. Before joining Mountain View, Ferguson held Finance positions with other healthcare providers in Healthlandia. N. Ferguson received a Bachelors in Accounting from the University of Buda, and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance from INSEAD, both with high honors.

V. Carnezza, RN - Chief of Nursing

V. Carnezza’s entire nursing career has been spent in the Mountain View system. Carnezza started as an ER nurse at Kingdom General Hospital. Carnezza was promoted to supervisor after three years and became the Director of Nursing for Kingdom General Hospital in 1992. In 1996, V. Carnezza moved to become the Director of Nursing at Emirates Metro Hospital and held that position until 2013 when he/she became the Chief of Nursing for the entire system. V. Carnezza holds a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Healthlandia and a Masters in Nursing from Avon Medical College.

P. O'Brien – Chief Human Resources Officer

In this role, O'Brien has responsibility for all Human Resources and all staff-focused programs across all of Mountain View’s hospitals and other facilities. P. O'Brien joined Mountain View in 1999 as a Human Resources Manager at Arkala Children’s Hospital, which was subsequently acquired by Mountain View Health Care. Prior to joining Arkala Children’s Hospital, O'Brien had spent 5 years with The University of Buda in a variety of Human Resources functions. P. O'Brien began Mountain View Health Care's Women's Leadership Initiative. P. O'Brien is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin in Ireland with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. In addition, O'Brien holds a Masters of Human Resources Management from the Healthlandia University - Arkala.  

P. Dubois, JD – Chief Legal Counsel

In this role, P. Dubois has ultimate responsibility for all of Mountain View Health Care's administration, legal affairs, and compliance. P. Dubois joined Mountain View Buda Hospital  as General Counsel in 2009, and was appointed Chief Legal Counsel for Mountain View Health Care in 2015. Prior to joining MVHC, P. Dubois was a partner and attorney at Boucher, Vallieres, & Olivier, LLP, in Paris. P. Dubois graduated from Collège de droit de Montpellier.

K. Kempf - Chief Marketing Officer

K. Kempf assumed the current role as Mountain View Health Care’s Chief Marketing Officer four years ago. Prior to that, Kempf was Director of Marketing Communications for Skåne University Hospital in Malmö, Sweden. K. Kempf is a member of Mountain View's Senior Leadership Team. As Mountain View’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kempf manages the hospital’s marketing, advertising, patient insights, media, sponsorships, and community relations operations. Kempf graduated with high honors from Frankfurt University in Germany, and received an MBA degree from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


R. Phipps – Chief Information Officer

R. Phipps joined Mountain View in four years ago as the Chief Information Officer. Phipps is a member of Mountain View's Senior Leadership Team. R. Phipps came to Mountain View from King’s Hospital in London, where she/he was the Director of Data Centre Operations from 2011 to 2015. Phipps chairs the Mountain View Health Care Technology Committee and is also the Chairman of the Mountain View Crisis Management Committee. R. Phipps holds a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Middlesex University, and finished the Advanced Management Program at INSEAD.

Dr. M. Molders, MD - Chief Medical Information Officer

Dr. M. Molders is the Chief Medical Information Officer for Mountain View Health Care. In this capacity, Dr. Molders has ultimate responsibility for all patient information and for all clinical data collected during and used for research purposes, and for providing care to patients. Dr. Molders is a member of the Mountain View Senior Leadership Team. Dr. Molders joined Mountain View in 2006 as a staff member in the Radiology Department a Mountain View Buda Hospital. Dr. Molders is a graduate of Sorbonne University, with a degree in Chemistry, and graduated from the medical school at the Université Paris-Sud.

K. Bluhm, M.D., President Mountain View Valencia Hospital

Dr. K. Bluhm is the President of Mountain View Buda Hospital, the flagship hospital of the Mountain View Health Care. A renowned cardiac surgeon for over 25 years, Dr. Bluhm has been a staff member at several large hospitals in France, Denmark, and Germany. Dr. Bluhm joined Mountain View Health Care in 2012 as the Chief of Cardiology at  Mountain View Buda. Dr. Bluhm became the President of Mountain View Buda two years ago, with primary focus on the development of the Mountain View Buda Cardiovascular Care Centre, the newest Centre of Excellence in the Mountain View system. Dr. Bluhm graduated from the Paris-Sud University School of Medicine and completed a Cardiovascular Surgery fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic in the United States.

F. Torrez, M.D., President Mountain View Grünberg Hospital

Dr. Torrez has been the President of Mountain View Kingdom for the last twelve years. Following graduation from medical school, Dr. Torrez joined the Mountain View Health Care staff as a resident at Mountain View Buda Hospital in 1985. Dr. Torrez, a Renal specialist, remained at Buda Hospital until 1996, ultimately becoming the Chief of Nephrology and Renal Care. In 1997, Dr. Torrez moved to the recently-acquired Mountain View Kingdom Hospital in a similar capacity. Dr. Torrez became Chief of Medicine at Mountain View Kingdom in 2003 and was promoted to be President of that facility five years later. Dr. Torrez is a graduate of the National University of Healthlandia and the Medical School at Buda University.

C. Upasani, M.D., President MV Perugia Hospital

Dr. Upasani joined the Mountain View system in 1996 as the new Chief of Oncology at Mountain View Buda Hospital. Prior to MV Buda, Dr. Upasani spent seven years as a staff Oncologist, later Department Head for Blood Cancers, at MV Arkala Children’s Hospital. Dr. Upasani became the Chief of Oncology for all of Mountain View Healthcare in 2006 and the Chief of Medicine for MV Cape Hospital in 2011. Dr. Upasani became the President of MV Cape four years ago. Dr. Upasani graduated from medical school from Kings College London and completed a fellowship at Guys St. Thomas Hospital, also in London.

L. Castellano, M.D., President LaRochelle Metro Hospital

Dr. Castellano has been practicing medicine in Mountain View hospitals since 1993. Dr. Castellano, a Rheumatologist, joined Cape Hospital upon completing her/his Residency program. She/he continued to practice at Cape Hospital until 2004, when Cape was acquired by Mountain View Health Care. At that point, she/he was the Director of the Rheumatology Department. She/he became Chief of Infectious Diseases for MVHC in 2009 and was made President of Emirates Metro in 2013. Dr. Castellano graduated from the National University of Healthlandia with a degree in Chemistry and then graduated from the Medical College at Avon University.

V. Antonovich, M.D., President MV Eindhoven Children’s Hospital

Dr. V. Antonovich has been the President of MV Arkala Children’s Hospital for the last ten years. Dr. Antonovich was recruited by Mountain View Health Care and joined MV Arkala Children’s Hospital in 2004 as the Director of the Neo-Natal Care Unit. A specialist in Neonatology, Dr. Antonovich’s entire career has been spent treating premature birth and Neo-Natal patients at a variety of hospitals throughout CEMA. A native of St. Petersburg, Dr. Antonovich is a graduate with highest honors of the University of Moscow and the St. Petersburg Medical University. Dr. Antonovich completed a fellowship in Neonatology at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital in the U.S.

T. Welmers, M.D., President MV San Pedro Hospital

Dr. Welmers’ entire career has been spent at MV Gulf Hospital.  Dr. Welmers joined the Internal Medicine staff in 1985 after completing his/her Internship and Residency programs through the Medical College of Avon University. After completing a fellowship in Thoracic Surgery, Dr. Welmers became a member of the General Surgery team at MV Gulf Hospital. Dr. Welmers became the Chief of Surgery at MV Gulf in 2002, the Chief of Medicine in 2007, and the President of the hospital five years ago. When MV Gulf was acquired by Mountain View Health Care, it was decided that Dr. Welmers would continue in the role of president until the end of next year in order to ensure continuity through the acquisition process.

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