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Core Operating Principles:

  • Patient-centric approach to delivery of care - across the care continuum

  • Effective and efficient operations

  • Strong financial position

  • Enterprise-wide use of technology to improve operating efficiencies

  • Collaboration to enhance the patient experience

  • Focus on environmental stewardship and sustainability


Leading Objectives:

  • Growth in capacity and patient volumes

    • Increase number of patients seen by 10% in two years with only 5% increase in beds in existing hospitals

    • Double number of patients seen in the next ten years

    • Increased number of beds by 50% in the next ten years through future acquisition of additional hospital

  • Continued expansion of six Centres of Excellence

    • Mountain View Buda Cardiovascular Centre

    • Mountain View Kingdom Renal Care Centre

    • MV Cape Gastroenterology and Bariatric Surgery Centre

    • MVHC Surgical Innovation Centre

    • MV Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery Centre

    • MVHC Spine and Brain Trauma Institute

  • Improve operational efficiencies by streamlining all processes and operations within and across all hospitals and other facilities, while ensuring high standards of care. 


Key Business Values:

  • The highest personal standards of integrity at all levels

  • Commitment to truth and fair dealing

  • Hands-on management at all levels

  • Openly esteemed commitment to quality and competence

  • Minimal bureaucracy

  • Fast decisions and implementation

  • Putting the patient’s interests ahead of their own

  • The appropriate delegation of authority with accountability

  • Fair and objective employer

  • A merit approach to recruitment/selection/promotion

  • A commitment to complying with the spirit and letter of all laws and regulations wherever they conduct their business

  • The promotion of good environmental practice and sustainable development and commitment to the welfare and development of each local community.

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