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Originally opened in 1933, Mountain View Buda Hospital is the oldest facility in the MVHC system and the flagship hospital. As a full-service hospital, Mountain View Buda Hospital’s treatment areas range from cardiology and vascular conditions, oncology and cancer treatment, infectious disease treatment/management, general surgery, orthopedics, gastroenterology, endocrinology, rheumatology, and hematology. The MVHC Spine and Brain Trauma Institute was opened this year on the Buda campus.

Mountain View Buda Hospital is a Tier-1 Trauma Centre, recognised as having one of the top clinical trauma facilities in CEMA. Hyper acute and acute stroke services are single sited at Buda. In addition, they are one of CEMA’s leading lung transplant centres, having performed both the first single lung transplant and the first double lung transplant in CEMA. Mountain View Buda Hospital has a well-deserved reputation for the quality of its facilities, and their dedicated staff takes great care to ensure patients are treated in a clean, modern, and friendly environment. Mountain View Health Care is investing in transforming all of their hospitals and are continuing to develop state-of-the-art facilities at the Mountain View Buda Hospital.


International Reputation for Cardiovascular Treatment


But what really sets Mountain View Buda Hospital apart, and has earned them an international reputation, is their pioneering expertise in cardiovascular care for both adults and children. In 1987 they performed Healthlandia’s first successful heart transplant for a child. And they continue to innovate, introducing a “mechanical heart” device in 2003, keeping adults and children alive until a suitable donor heart is available. Located on the main campus in Buda, the Mountain View Buda Cardiovascular Care Centre opened three years ago and is one of the premier facilities in the world for the care of patients with heart and vascular-related conditions.

Vasculature of the Heart


Acquired by Mountain View Health Care in 1996, Mountain View Kingdom Hospital, located in the capital city of Healthlandia, has been providing healthcare to patients and their families in Kingdom and the Central region of the country for over 80 years. Mountain View Kingdom Hospital provides services that are among the safest and most advanced in the country. From treating patients’ urgent needs in the Emergency Department; to addressing rare conditions and fevers in the Infectious Diseases Unit; from brain conditions to problems with a patient’s immune system, Mountain View Kingdom Hospital provides a full range of modern healthcare services. These range from emergency medicine, to the hospital’s pioneering Nephrology and Renal Care Department, to the most advanced Dermatology Unit in CEMA - the first provider in CEMA of the leading-edge Mohs micrographic surgery for skin cancer.

Several of the departments at Mountain View Kingdom are officially designated as regional centres of expertise. Some enjoy international reputations, like their Neurosciences Centre, which treats people with illnesses affecting the nervous system, including the brain and the spinal cord. Patients come to Mountain View Kingdom Hospital not only from Central Healthlandia, but, for some pioneering treatments, from all over the country and abroad. 


Focus on Renal Health

The Nephrology and Renal Care Department at Mountain View Kingdom Hospital is Healthlandia’s largest such department, treating over 95,000 patients for kidney-related conditions each year. Mountain View Kingdom has become one of the leading CEMA hospitals for the treatment of kidney-related issues. Last year, Mountain View Health Care opened the Mountain View Kingdom Renal Care Centre, located on the campus of Mountain View Kingdom Hospital. This facility elevated Mountain View Kingdom and all of the Mountain View Health Care into the top five renal care providers in the world.


At the same time, Mountain View Kingdom Hospital understands the often very different needs of their elderly patients. Their Falls and Syncope Service, the largest of its kind in CEMA, helps to relieve the stress and discomfort of balance, black-out, and dizziness, so that Mountain View Kingdom Hospital’s elderly patients can continue to enjoy mobile and independent lives. Mountain View Kingdom’s Ophthalmology and Vision Care department has one of Healthlandia’s largest cataract treatment centres, but also offers the most advanced treatments of age-related eye problems such as ARMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration), the major cause of blindness in Healthlandia.


Healthcare with a Personal Touch

Whatever a patient’s reasons for visiting Mountain View Kingdom Hospital, they will take the very best care of them. Mountain View Kingdom Hospital’s aim is not just to deliver clinically-advanced healthcare, but also to meet the wider, individual needs of all their patients - so that they receive personal care at all times, from every member of the Mountain View Kingdom team.

Doctor taking blood pressure of older pa



The MV Arkala Children's Hospital (MVACH) is one of only 4 major children’s medical centres in Healthlandia. Since being acquired by Mountain View Health Care in 2001, MVACH has provided the full range of children’s health services, all tailored to each and every child – they call this patient-centered care. MVACH provides 24-hour care for emergency admissions, ensuring children are seen as quickly as possible.











Expert staff

Visiting the hospital can be daunting for children and their families, so the doctors and nurses at MV Arkala Children’s Hospital try their best to minimise these worries. The child will be cared for by:

  • A dedicated and experienced nursing staff

  • Our team of highly-trained consultants

  • Hospital play specialists and nursery nurses based in all their children’s wards

  • A whole range of hospital support staff dedicated to children  


Every member of staff has been specially trained to look after children, with some specialising in different ages - from newborns to teenagers.

In addition to their outpatient and inpatient services in Arkala, MVACH provides treatment for children across the whole of Healthlandia and the rest of CEMA. They work with other local hospitals to provide outpatient services within their facilities. This means a child may not have to travel too far to be seen by one of MV Arkala Children’s Hospital’s specialists, if possible, much closer to the comforts of home.


MV Arkala Children's Hospital also receives patients from many other hospitals locally, nationally, and from across the world, who do not have the expertise to treat complex conditions. This includes the nationally-renowned Bone Marrow Transplant Unit which provides treatment for children's immune and infectious diseases.


The third hospital acquired under Mountain View Health Care’s Growth Through Acquisition Strategy, MV Cape Hospital (MVCH) is located on the outskirts of Healthlandia’s second-largest city, Cape. Situated on a hilltop adjacent to the centre of the city, on one of the main thoroughfares into Cape, the hospital has commanding views of the town and its rural locality and is clearly visible to all in the city centre. Formerly called Charity Hospital of Cape, MV Cape was added to the Mountain View network in 2004.


MV Cape is the second-largest of the hospitals in the Mountain View Health Care in terms of inpatient/acute care beds and staffing. MVCH has a number of medical and surgical wards and specialist units, a 24-hour Emergency Department, and a full range of diagnostic services including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computer Tomography (CT), and Interventional Radiotherapy.

MV Cape also has a long-standing reputation for excellence in their Orthopedic/Sports Medicine Department.  Mountain View has made significant investments to expand their capabilities for the treatment of joint conditions and sports-related issues from initial diagnosis through treatment/surgery and post-operative therapies. The MV Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery Centre was opened at MV Cape early last year.


Emergency and high-risk general surgery takes place in MVCH’s state-of-the-art General Surgery Centre. Planned (elective) operations are performed at MV Cape, however in those cases where the patient can be transported to one of the other hospitals in the Mountain View network that specializes in the patient’s particular need, the preferred practice is to transport the patient to the other facility.


The oldest facility in the Mountain View network, MV Emirates Metropolitan Hospital, (MVEMH) is a large teaching hospital in the Southwestern province of Healthlandia. The hospital was founded in 1910 as the Southwest Provincial Infirmary, to replace hospital beds previously provided at the workhouse infirmary in the nearby town of Roen. The Roen City Hospital was a voluntary hospital, founded in 1888 in the city.


The facility was renamed Emirates Infirmary in 1928 and the name was changed to Emirates Metropolitan Hospital after a major expansion and renovation of the facility in 1957. Emirates Metro was acquired by Mountain View Health Care in 2007 in order to expand the system’s footprint to include the southwestern province of Healthlandia and to serve the general Emirates metropolitan area.

There are 5 different departments of research at Emirates Metro Hospital:

  1. III (Infection, Inflammation and Immunity) – renamed from IIR (Infection, Inflammation and Repair) in 2009

  2. Renal/Kidney Sciences

  3. Clinical Neurosciences

  4. Cardiovascular Sciences

  5. Community Clinical Sciences

Emirates Metro has long been recognized for its strong surgical staff across all departments. Last year, as a part of Mountain View’s strategy of developing specialized Centres of Excellence, the new MVHC Surgical Innovation Centre Centre opened on the Emirates campus, having a cost of €250 million to build. In addition to these buildings, the University of Eastern Healthlandia Medical School has a number of buildings on the site, which are used both for teaching and research.

In particular, Emirates Metro houses renowned departments in the treatment of cancer, heart disease, respiratory illness, neurological disease, gastro-intestinal conditions, and illnesses affecting children. EMH is fortunate to benefit from a high number of specialist consultants working in large multi-disciplinary teams and plays a leading role in the development of new and improved treatments for patients.

Emirates Metro Hospital has been upgraded to become an adult and pediatric Major Trauma Centre (MTC) under the new Ministry of Health plan for Regional Trauma Networks with Emirates Metro Hospital covering the whole western half of Healthlandia, while Mountain View Buda Hospital covers the rest of the country. Previously, the nearest MTC to Emirates is at Mountain View Kingdom Hospital. These MTCs only treat adults.



The most recent addition to the MVHC family of hospitals is MV Gulf Hospital, which was acquired late last year. A full-service facility located in Gulf, Turkey, MV Gulf was acquired last year to provide MVHC with an initial presence outside of Healthlandia. MV Gulf Hospital is well-known throughout Turkey for its focus on Cardiovascular Care, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, and Infectious Diseases.

The hospital is a small campus environment with five buildings. Over the last few years, the previous administration of MV Gulf had been focused on day-to-day operations of the facility and had not made major changes or upgrades to equipment, processes, or systems. MVHC has announced that MV Gulf will be a focal point for major investments to upgrade the facility. As Mountain View Health Care’s first international acquisition, MV Gulf has provided integration and logistics challenges that the system has never faced before.


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