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As an organization, we have aligned our strategies and metrics in the following areas:

Quality Healthcare

  • Adopted patient care standards and metrics to ensure inpatient and outpatient care is aligned with current standards and reflects the newest in quality processes.  

  • Refocusing on the critical issue of patient safety, especially looking for new and innovative ways of protecting patients from Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) and Surgical Site Infections (SSI).


Patient Experience and Satisfaction

  • Ensure a consistent, high-quality experience at all Mountain View Health Care facilities.

  • Remember to provide the patient’s family members and loved ones with the same level of care and respect they show the patient.


Centres of Excellence

  • They will elevate the level of care provided by Mountain View Health Care in key areas by creating focused Centres of Excellence.

  • These Centres of Excellence will provide the best care in their specialty of any hospital in CEMA.



  • Adopt leading-edge technology to enhance patient care and experience - and enable remote care / tele-health.

  • Leverage technology to create a more collaborative environment for caregivers throughout the Mountain View system of hospitals and other facilities.

Staff Retention and Satisfaction

  • They know satisfied and loyal physicians, nurses, staff members, and employees are the best ambassadors and caregivers.

  • They must create a culture that attracts and develops the best and brightest. 


Fiscal Responsibility

  • They realize the importance of being fiscally responsible, so that the patient treatment experience is affordable.   

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