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There is a wide range of underpinning activities and strategies in place to ensure successful delivery of Mountain View Health Care’s Vision, Mission, and Values, for example:

  • Building on their Education and Training capabilities as a major teaching hospital, helping their staff to learn and deliver leading-edge clinical care.

  • Phased implementation of their Facilities strategy, including a detailed Sustainability Strategy that outlines Mountain View Health Care’s commitment to contributing to a sustainable future. 

  • Implementing a leading-edge Workforce Development and Training strategy to support their staff to meet the many challenges they face and identify opportunities to improve working practices.

  • Apply their Nursing and Midwifery Strategy to ensure delivery of the highest quality nursing and midwifery care both in their hospitals and out in the community.

  • Outward-facing partnership – Mountain View values full and open engagement with their many partners and recognises the importance of working closely together to ensure successful delivery of their vision and mission over the coming years.

  • MVHC’s Community Health Strategy describes how safe and effective care can be brought closer to patients' own homes. The strategy sets out how MVHC will develop community-based services and work with key partners to shape health, social care, and wellbeing.

  • Implementing their major IT strategy, which underpins much of what they do to ensure they work ever more effectively and intelligently.


One of the defining values of Mountain View Health Care is a move to a patient-centered approach that fosters the potential to have more continuous, dynamic relationships throughout a lifetime with those they serve. For Mountain View, this will mean a radical departure from a focus on providers delivering episodic medical services to patients, to a focus on developing trust-based relationships with people that transcend an individual healthcare encounter and promote holistic approaches to supporting their broader health and wellbeing needs.

A patient-centered approach would involve a shift in the locus of control from providers to people, their families, and other trusted resources. It would also require a transition in Mountain View’s sites of care, from primarily hospitals and clinics today, to more care and support occurring in the community, in the home, and through virtual means. Embracing a patient-centered approach creates significant opportunities to create value for those they serve.

This journey is an important one for Mountain View, because opportunities for operating income improvement from inpatient volume growth or commercial rate increases will be limited in the future.

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