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Medical Record Analysis

Mountain View Health Care is the third-largest health care provider in the CEMA country of Healthlandia with hospital and clinics operating across the region. It provides acute medical services from a number of facilities throughout Healthlandia. Healthcare providers like MVHC are semi-autonomous organizational units which are privately owned and governed by the Healthlandian Ministry of Health. They have a degree of independence from the Ministry of Health. MVHC operates the following hospitals:


  • Mountain View Buda Hospital

  • Mountain View Kingdom Hospital

  • MV Arkala Children’s Hospital

  • MV Cape Hospital

  • MV Emirates Hospital

  • MV Gulf Hospital


In addition, Mountain View Health Care operates the following clinics:


  • Mountain View Health Clinic Adria

  • Mountain View Health Clinic Savannah

  • Mountain View Health Clinic Desert 

  • Mountain View Health Clinic Red Sea


Mountain View Health Care has over 2,800 beds and saw over 4.3 million patients last year.


For more than 70 years, Mountain View Health Care has provided high quality care to patients throughout the nation of Healthlandia. Mountain View Health Care is recognized as a respected healthcare provider throughout Healthlandia because of their outstanding team of physicians, surgeons, specialists, nurses, and other medical professionals. They realize that as a national system, they are large in scale, but they strive to live up to their motto of “Big hospital treatment with the small hospital feel”.

Mountain View Health Care earns its excellent reputation at the bedside of each patient every day. At each of their facilities, Mountain View Health Care offers the best staff of doctors, health care professionals, equipment, facilities, and health services in the country, which their patients expect and deserve - from wellness events and preventive medicine to cardiology, gastroenterology, general surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics, oncology, and a complete range of other health care services. Mountain View Health Care includes six acute care hospitals and four clinics. Two years ago, Mountain View Health Care provided 1,511,487 outpatient visits, 72,497 Hospital Admissions, and 127,202 Emergency Department services. More than 1,200 physicians, 2,000 nurses, and 2,900 other employees provide quality care to their patients.

Mountain View Health Care has grown to its current size through a strategy of acquiring hospitals in various cities throughout Healthlandia. The leadership of the system was changed last year with the arrival of a new CEO, Dr. C. Mendez. Dr. Mendez joins Mountain View Health Care  with a mandate to refocus the system, address long-standing issues of integration, and to take Mountain View to a higher position amongst healthcare providers in Healthlandia.



“Mountain View Health Care has evolved to meet the growing needs of our communities, but our commitment since opening our first hospital in 1949 remains true: to continuously improve the health and wellness of our patients and their families.”


“The mission of Mountain View Health Care is to inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every patient through integrated clinical practice, education, and research. Mountain View Healthcare will provide an unparalleled experience as the most trusted partner for health care. The needs of our patients always come first.”


  • Mountain View Buda Cardiovascular Centre

  • Mountain View Kingdom Renal Care Centre

  • MV Cape Gastroenterology and Bariatric Surgery Centre

  • MVHC Surgical Innovation Centre

  • MV Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery Centre

  • MVHC Spine and Brain Trauma Institute


Even in this time of uncertainty, Mountain View Health Care is a place for hope and healing — and we're delivering the care you need.

We welcome both new and existing patients for virtual and in-person care, including elective surgeries, in adherence with Healthlandia orders and Department of Health guidance.

Please contact us to discuss your appointment options.

Be sure to review hospital campus-specific policies on masking, testing, number of patient visitors allowed (including children who aren’t receiving care) and other safety measures as you plan your visit.

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